Cognitive assistive technologies @work

CogAid aims to provide AI-based cognitive assistive technologies to knowledge workers experiencing temporary or permanent cognitive challenges at work. Focusing on return to work (and staying employed) for professionals after rehabilitation, for example, from mTBI.

Our team
Founder Visionary

Madelaine Sayko Founder Visionary

BA, Psychology (U. Albany); 30 years of experience in IT corporate work environments (IBM/Palm etc.), decade experience as educator/advocate in the field of cogdis in the workplace.
Founder Requirements

Meira Josephy Founder Requirements

MA in art history (Barnard, Hebrew U) Social community builder in niche projects, multilingual heritage digitization consultant, experience in cultural terminology standardization and ethnography work.
Founder Tech Advisor

Daniel Gross Founder Tech Advisor

PhD in knowledge-based software engineering from U of Toronto. Daniel is a senior research scientist in the area of AI.

Proud Participant of the A3I Accelerator